A place devoted exclusively to the vision, prayer and worship.

This is a tool available to gather people and allow them to worship, praise and pray together.

Some furnished rooms allow rest, but also individual prayer in small groups.

Commodities are available to spend time to live on site. (e.g. retreat of prayer, listening, extended fast).

A data system allows praise broadcasting 24/24 without interruption, even if there are no participant present, so that this place remains dedicated to worship.

A place available for Christians to worship and pray, open to everyone without discrimination of church, age or culture.

A place exclusively for seminars on topics in line with the vision of the house, and for supporting and developing this work.

A peaceful place that conduct to prayer and worship. An simple interior design focused on the Creator.

A place exclusively self-funded by donations, without financial demands, without paying any people who work there. Therefore, everyone makes a practical offering of praise from his living body offered as a sacrifice to God. (Romans 12 v 1-2).

A place under the management of a group of five people with an apostolic and prophetic oversight. Supported by all Christian movements who join its vision.