For several years, many prophetic words from God’s servants recognised worldwide such as, John Dawson, Francis Frangipane, Rick Ridings, Eugene May, Claire Huck, Jean-Claude Chabloz, Geri Keller, Rick Joyner, Rony Chaves, Jim Goll, have been given for the town of Yverdon and its region.

These words were all in the same sense: that of this city and this region would burst a powerful prayer and worship for the nations.

For over ten years, many signs and premises have encouraged the people of God to move in that direction. Many Christians in the region felt called to put into practice these words and to enter into their practical application. We believe strongly in God’s call and

the particular destiny of Yverdon to serve God’s plans.

Since 1st November 2004, people take turns to lead prayer and worship watches in this house. Already hundreds of hours of worship and intercession have been lifted up to the Lord from this place. We believe this will make a real difference in heaven and on earth.

We wish to specifically build an altar of worship which operates every day, which lasts long term and which will aim to be like the tabernacle of David in the Bible, day and night without interruption.

We are in connection with many departments administering this vision over all the earth.