The house of worship is managed by an independent association in its name and nonprofit. (under section 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code.)
The house of worship is independent of any church but serves the body of Christ as a whole. (Christian churches, movements, works, missions.) It operates within the limits of its vision and its call: mainly worship, praise, prayer and intercession.
This association is financially independent and receives no subsidies. It depends solely on God’s provision. A PAC called “Maison d’adoration”, collects donations for the proper functioning of this vision. CCP 17-769105-4.

The executive committee of the association “Maison d’adoration” manages assets on behalf of that house. It is composed of five persons, Sylvain Freymond President, Pierre Guignard Vice President, Simone Bigler Secretary, Jean-Claude Vuffray member.
A committee of reference supporting the spiritual vision and action of this house. It consists of: Steve Emmett, Jean-Claude Chabloz, Jean-Marc Bigler, Rolf Schneider, Tom Bloomer, Jean-Pierre Besse, Jean-Louis Lafitte.

The prayer watches opened to public are run by Christians motivated, committed and dedicated who feel themselves called to serve in this vision.
If you feel called to join our team (lead vigils, clean, help) please contact us.